shanajohnhorz2Shana Perkins, HHC and John Walker, M.D. are dedicated to the enhancement of Health & Wellness, through nutrition, education & living a healthy life style.

Shana Perkins is a certified holistic health counselor and certified personal trainer. She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is the author of “Cherish Yourself”, and is accredited by the American Council of Drugless Practitioners.

After a traumatic car accident that left her wheel chair bound, with the doctors telling her it was unlikely she would walk again, she began herintensive study on how to regenerate the body physically. Though she was able to become fully functional physically in record time, she soon found herself deathly ill due to the amount of medication she was required to take.

A researcher by nature, this sickness proved to be an opportunity in disguise, as she was able to learn vast amounts of knowledge on the healing power of food, supplements, and lifestyle modifications.

Finding her passion in life, she moved home to her birth place of Hawaii, where she founded a natural beauty company to bring beauty products to the world that nourish the body on a superior level. While in Hawaii she had the privilege of studying under many different healers and take away an abundance of information. The most important being that there is many approaches to healing and everyone needs a plan based on their bio-individuality.

Deciding she wanted to make a contribution to the world by sharing quality information, she moved home to the mainland, and had the good fortune of partnering with Dr. John Walker. With preventative medicine as their chief aim, they found what they were looking for in the high quality products of DrVita. It is their belief that the team they have created will supply more health, wealth, and happiness to the world.

Dr. John Walker practiced medicine for 20 years and incorporated natural therapies, supplements and vitamins into his traditional approach. Dr. Walker then served as the Chief Medical Officer for a240 doctor medical group, leading their efforts to improve the quality and lower the cost of care for the sickest of the patients that they served by helping to completely redesign the way care is delivered.However, his passion lies in helping prevent illness and disease (especially obesity), and with DrVita is focusing his efforts on promoting good health by teaching others how to lead a healthy lifestyle and incorporate the right vitamins and supplements to promote optimal health. One of his goals is to help control the cost of care for our great nation by educating people on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and helping prevent the progression of chronic disease. He has teamed with DrVita because he believes that the opportunity to share this information with people combined with DrVita’s business model offers the greatest hope to help the largest number of people by combining cutting edge products with the business opportunity offered by ethical direct sales.


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