How to Let Go of Things that Do Not Serve You

Shana PerkinsBy Shana Perkins, HHC

Do you want to change your life? Kick that habit? Find the strength to walk away from a bad relationship? Leaving something that does not serve you can be one of the hardest things to do. Willpower alone is never enough to kick a habit for good because willpower requires a tremendous amount of energy. In order to truly create lasting change, you need to go back to your blueprint.

Did you know that you are creating yourself each and every day, and it all starts with the vision that you have of yourself in your head? Whatever you believe about yourself will become true because your subconscious controls your actions. You will continue to behave in a way that is consistent with the image you have of yourself. When you want to change your actions, you need to look first at what causes them.

Many people hold on to things they shouldn’t. Some people hold onto bad relationships, addictions, self-destructive paradigms, procrastination; the list is endless. In order to let your afflictions go, you must first understand how they are serving you. Everything we do in life is motivated by our desire to obtain pleasure or avoid pain. For some reason, you have programmed yourself to find pleasure in what you want to let go.

Change the way you see yourself. If you feel weak, imagine yourself as strong. If you feel sick, start to see yourself as healthy. Listen to the inner voice inside your head. It controls so much. Make sure that voice isn’t constantly putting you down. Become your own inspiration and everything gets easier.

Once a correct vision of yourself is established and you see yourself as the person you actually want to be, then you can start to reprogram yourself. Repetition is key; our neural pathways get strengthened every time we think a thought or repeat an action. That means each and every time you make a choice, it becomes a little easier to make it again. This goes for anything you do, both constructive and destructive.

In order to change your neuro-associations you need to start envisioning your affliction as something that creates intense pain in your life. Then you need to associate pleasure with releasing it. It truly is as simple as that. Change how you see yourself. Decide today that you want the best for yourself and you aren’t going to allow the vision you have of yourself be tainted by holding on to things that do not benefit you. Replay images in your mind that create intense feelings of the pain of it staying and the pleasure of letting it go, creating new neural pathways. In a short amount of time, you will wake up and realize you have become your vision.

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