Team Cherish Presents: Body/Mind/Spirit 90-Day Transformation

At Team Cherish, we believe that true health is about rejuvenating yourself on every level. Since one of our goals is to help make the world a healthier place, we knew the importance of starting with ourselves. One of our core beliefs in any health plan is basing it on your own personal bio-individuality. Everyone has different goals, lifestyles, preferences, genetics, and bodies, so it’s critical to have a personalized plan. We want to share with you 5 unique plans for 5 unique people and introduce you to some of the members of Team Cherish.

Though each plan is completely individualized there are some core principles each one of us follows.

  1. Make gratitude a priority in your day. When you wake, write 3 things you are grateful for and reflect on them at night.
  2. Get as much fresh air and sunshine as you can each day, making sure to get no less than 30 minutes.
  3. Create an environment in your bedroom that is beautiful, peaceful and conducive to sleep. Remove all EMF’s that are near bed.
  4. Take a walk in nature each day and try to spend as much time as possible grounding (have your flesh touch the earth).
  5. Eat well. The core principle of this eating plan is to give the body the foods it truly needs to function at its highest level. We want to re-mineralize the body so that it feels and looks alive again. Lots of energy, glowing skin, shiny hair, no pain, tight lean muscles… This is why we are going to be eating the foods that have the highest nutrient density.
  6. Eat whole, natural foods. The absolute best foods to do that are green leafy vegetables, followed by vegetables in general, fruits, nuts and seeds, and other healthy fats. These are beauty and brain foods. Other foods like meats, dairy, and grains supply some vitamins and minerals, but are there mostly to supply the body with the necessary calories and help to get more protein and b-12. We want to reach optimal levels of health though, so we are going to eat at least 75% of our daily quota of food from the first 4 categories.

Meet Kara


Kara is a vibrant 22 year old executive assistant. Unfortunately, the last few years took a toll on her body. In college, she found that her weight started creeping up, and while she knew it was something she was going to have to deal with, it was much easier to put it in the “I’ll get around to it” category. Of course once she graduated, she found she had even less time, and due to all the free (and mostly processed) food given at her job, she soon found herself 35 lbs overweight. Not only that but Kara, like many Americans, is lactose intolerant but had been ignoring it and suffering with irritable bowel syndrome as a result.

In order to make a plan that would truly work for Kara, we had to take her busy schedule into consideration. We incorporated short bursts of physical activity during times when she knew she would have to spare. Her routines change periodically, but generally consist of something like 3 sets of 20 pushups, crunches, and squats. She takes a daily walk on her lunch breaks, and spends a few minutes on a rebounder in the morning and night. She also goes to the gym sometimes with friends, and was able to make exercising part of her social time as well. Additionally, Kara has added Tumeric and Slimdown to her already plentiful vitamin regiment, which she believes is speeding up her health journey.

Knowing Kara didn’t have a lot of time to cook, we took her shopping and showed her healthy whole food alternatives that were just as quick and easy as processed foods, but without all the added chemicals, preservatives, and hidden addictive ingredients that make you fat and mess with your brain chemistry and emotions. We eliminated dairy, gluten, and sugar and kept her grains to a minimum. We also made sure each of her meals consisted of a significant amount of vegetables and fiber so we could start clearing out a lot of the congestion and mucus she has accumulated over the years while she continued to clog her system up with dairy.

In just over 3 weeks on this plan, Kara has lost 14 lbs, looks and feels amazing, and has only just begun. She now knows she can eat well and just by controlling the types of food she puts into her body, she has a lot more control in how her body looks and feels. We are all so excited to see her results at the end of the 90 days, but more importantly than that, she knows this is something she can keep up for life.

Meet Sally


Sally is lovely a stay at home mom with a brilliant mind and a sweet disposition. Sally is also a sugar addict. Though she had always attempted to be healthy, due to ignoring healthy advice, she ended up 30 lbs overweight with mood swings and a serious lack of energy. When we first met and were discussing her goals, she just looked at me and said, “I just want to feel good. I’m so tired of feeling so tired all the time.”

Sally had always tried to be healthy, and did cardio at the gym a few days a week. She wanted to lose the extra 30 lbs she carried, but it seemed to be stuck, especially around the middle.

The first thing we did was completely transform her diet. She said goodbye to all processed food as well as sugar, dairy, and gluten. We broke her meals up into 4-5 small meals a day, making sure to always include a protein, as well as sometimes a healthy fat so we could balance her blood sugar. Even though Sally is almost totally vegetarian, this wasn’t hard because she is also a lovely cook. For proteins, we focused on nuts and seed, hummus, quinoa, beans, goji berries, and some healthy protein shakes. In order to truly maximize her health and nutrient intake, Sally has started taking Ultimate Omega, digestive enzymes, Magnesium Citrate, Cinnamon, MegaFlora, Vitamin D, and Slimdown.

We kept her current workout routine which included cardio, yoga, and a day of weight training each week, but we added a short circuit training session of compound body movements with 10 lb dumb bells a couple times a week, as well as daily rebounding.

We are about 1/3 of the way done with her 90 days and she has already lost half the weight she wanted to lose. She looks vibrant and healthy, and not to mention very slim. The most amazing thing that has happened though is the change in her personality. She has tons of energy, and just feels so happy, empowered, and lucky.

Meet Sue


Sue is an adorable, hardworking, single mother of 5 with one teenager still at home. Though Sue has the most pleasing and positive of personalities, she had put herself last for so many years it had really taken a toll on her health.

Long hours gave way to a lot of takeout and morning fast food. Spending too much time on her computer and next to no time exercising and taking care of her body made it so she had trouble sleeping, and generally just felt lousy a lot of the time. On top of that, she had been a heavy smoker for close to 40 years.

Sue was in major need of some TLC and detoxification. We centered her diet on the highest nutrient dense foods. Green smoothies, green juices, salads, and soup all made daily appearances in her life. We cut out almost all grains, processed food, sugar, and most dairy. Sue also eats plenty of fish, especially salmon, for healthy fats and major antioxidants. Sue has been taking Six Daily, Omega3 Fish Oil, Reishi Mushroom Extract, Vision Essentials, MSM, and Slimdown in order to help further detoxify her body, and pump extra nutrient into her body to quicken the healing process.

We helped her kick her cigarette habit by showing her tricks to change her neuro-associations: giving her tea tree oil toothpicks for the oral fixation, peppermint essential oil for some deep breathing exercises, and when all else failed and the craving was really bad, getting on the floor and doing 10 pushups to change her biochemistry.

Not only did Sue want to drop 35 lbs and detox her body, but she really needed help with her balance and cardiovascular system. We gave her some easy circuits to hit all the muscles in her body that she could do at home. She loves to run, so we started some interval training where she runs at the park. She also bought a rebounder and does a few minutes in the morning and the evening to help with her balance, work on her cardio, and enhance her circulation.

In just over a month, Sue is down 17 lbs, and feels incredible (not to mention looks great as well). Her hair is thicker and shinier, and there is a healthy glow to her skin. We are all so excited to see her at the end of the 90-day transformation.

Meet Shana


Shana is a holistic health counselor, presenter of the Body/Mind/Spirit Transformations, and a co-founder of Team Cherish. She believes in practicing what she preaches, and is already on a very healthy eating regimen, as well as practicing hot yoga several times a week, and rebounding daily. Shana knew she was going to really have to bump it up a notch in order to see some drastic results and cleanse on a deeper level.

She upgraded her diet to about 75% raw, making sure to have at least one green smoothie, one green juice, and one salad every day. Shana also focused on adding in detoxification drinks such as warm water with lemon, Braggs raw apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera juice as she often as she could. Moreover, she started consuming some raw garlic each day.

In addition to hot yoga and rebounding, she started incorporating daily walks, and a couple days of the week, doing strength training at the gym. Her goal was simply to slim up nicely, drop 2-3% bodyfat, and increase her energy, and it looks like she’s coming along nicely.

Meet John


John, the other co-founder of Team Cherish, is a 53-year-old physician executive who has a passion to be healthy and shares this passion with others. When John tells his story, he says, “ I was a fat kid. But I was in shape: round is a shape!” He has struggled with his weight his entire life, and as he says “has lost the same 30 lbs about 20 times.”  Even though he struggles with his weight, he has always been active and exercised, and but did not pay strict attention to his diet, and the weight began to creep up. Two years ago, he had an awakening when he realized that if he was going to promote good health (a daily part of his job), he had to walk the talk. He began to eat healthier, decreasing his carbs, exercising a bit more, and focusing on the mental aspect of weight loss and wellness. It was John’s good fortune to have met Shana a year ago, and she began working with him on really optimizing his diet. She helped cure his addiction to diet soda, and instructed him on making the best food choices.

Over the last 2 years, John has lost about 30 lbs, in part from the help that Shana provided. John has used DrVita’s products for the last 2 years, but never tried Slim Down. Since he and Shana decided to work with DrVita, and had a goal to get into the best lean shape of his life, he decided to start taking Slim Down. He continues to eat a very healthy diet, continues to exercise (although has actually decreased this somewhat), and has added DrVita Slim Down to his supplement program. His goal is to add some muscle and to get really lean, a place he has never been in his life. He has noticed a very beneficial effect, and without changing his food intake or increasing his exercise, he’s lost 6 lbs in 6 weeks using the Slim Down.

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