A Positive Mindset Leads to Positive Change

Shana PerkinsBy: Shana Perkins, HHC

In order to make lasting change in our lives we must connect with a special place inside ourselves. Something magical happens when our imagination and desires come together to create a vision for who we want to be. The more we fuel this desire with thoughts laced with excitement and expectation, the bigger a priority it becomes in our lives. Once a desire changes form and turns into a priority, reaching any goal is achievable.

Create a vision for your body, your mind, and your life. Use your imagination to make this vision come to life. See yourself in your new figure. Feel what it will be like in your new career. Imagine being financially comfortable. Know that you are creator of your own life experience and take control.

Wake up in the morning with gratitude for another day filled with beauty and surprises. Look at the world through rose-colored glasses. You decide the design of your personal universe. You can make things hard on yourself or you can make them easy. Everything is going to depend on that little voice inside your head.

Make a decision today that you are going to consciously write the story of your life and live the life of your dreams. When you give yourself the gifts of hope and faith, you are giving yourself bigger gifts than you can possibly imagine. Every thought we think and feeling we have is a vibration we are giving off into the Universe and we are going to attract into our experience situations with a similar vibration. Thinking happy positive thoughts creates a happy positive life. We are going to live a life that is parallel to the life each of us is living inside our heads, there are no exceptions.

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

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