5 Effective Ways to Bust Through Stress

Shana PerkinsBy Shana Perkins, HHC

Stress not only feels horrible, but it is very harmful to your health. Stress puts our bodies in a constant state of fight or flight mode. This wears out our adrenals and causes us to produce chemicals that damage our body. One of the most beneficial things you will ever do for yourself is learn how to control your state of mind so that you can cut stress off soon after it starts. Here are a few tricks that make it much easier.

1.    Exercise
Exercise changes our physiology. It improves our mood by boosting serotonin and dopamine and pumping up our endorphins. It is definitely one of the best ways to reduce stress.

2     Meditation
We generally stress ourselves because we are replaying a scenario we don’t like or we are imagining something we don’t want to happen. Meditation not only quiets the mind but helps you to see the bigger picture.

3     Play some music
Music has the unique ability to tap into our emotions. It has been shown to boost our mood and distract us from our perceived problems. Quiet, classical music has been shown to lower blood pressure, slow the pulse and heart rate, and reduce stress hormones.

4     Laugh
Laughter truly is the best medicine. It has been shown to increase immune response and blood flow. Like exercise, laughter changes your physiology and elevates your mood naturally.

5     Change your story
Whatever is going on in your head that has you stressing is just a reflection of an unhappy ending that you are writing for yourself. Instead, rewrite the story in your head with your idea of the perfect ending. Our actions reflect our beliefs, and by using our imagination we can control our outcomes by controlling our thoughts and actions.

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