Tip of the Day

Do you want to flatten your stomach and make the digestion and assimilation of your nutrients much better? Then combine your foods correctly! Each food has a specific length of time it takes for it to be digested and each food requires different enzymes to break it down and digest it. Fruit takes the shortest amount of time ranging from 20 to 45 minutes and should be eaten alone and on an empty stomach (with the exception of leafy greens) to avoid holding up the fruits digestion and avoiding fermentation. Vegetables combine well with both animal protein and starches but you should avoid eating your protein and starches together in the same meal. Animal protein requires an acidic environment in the gut while starches require an alkaline. If eaten together, different digestive enzymes get secreted canceling each other out and you wind up with protein that putrefies and carbohydrates that ferment, creating a breeding ground for bad bacteria in your intestinal tract. Take a few days and combine your food properly and see how much better you feel and how quickly your stomach starts to flatten out!

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