Tip of the Day

When making a life change it is very easy to come across speed bumps along the way. This is totally normal and not something to be discouraged about. We may have a week or two where we continuously take two steps forward just to take one step back. This is because though you are in the process of creating new routines and habits. Your old ones are still set to your default mode. It’s human nature to do what makes us feel comfortable and your old routines still give you that feeling of comfort because they have been a part of your life for so long. Not to worry, you are creating new habits and tendencies all the time and the neural connection grows stronger each and every time you do them. It varies in time depending on each person as to how fast they can replace their routines but it can be done in as little as 21 days for the focused. If you find that you do really well for bursts of time but still catch yourself falling off the wagon periodically, the best thing you can is be kind to yourself, look at how far you’ve come and concentrate on the next important habit you want to add.

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