Tip of the Day

Powdered greens are an easy and nutrient dense snack that’s a great addition to your nutrition plan. Dehydrated greens are full of superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, and other chlorophyll packed foods. While powdered greens are no substitute for whole vegetables, they are can greatly enhance the amount of vitamins and minerals your body takes in on a daily basis. Sometimes due tocrazy schedules or lack of options, we fall short on achieving out optimal vegetable quota for the day. Powdered greens can help fill that gap because they are so easily transportable and require next to no prep time and or clean up. Another beautiful aspect of these green products is they are so easily digestible. When you take in food in a liquid form the body isn’t required to expend so much additional energy breaking it down before it absorbs it. This results in a quick burst of energy and increases focus and clarity. Keeping them close during your workday is a much better alternative than the coffee machine most of us need to hit up mid-afternoon. Give them a try and see what a difference they can make it your life!

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