Tip of the Day

Change can be difficult. We are creatures of habit and routine and tend to feel comfortable with whatever status quo we have created for ourselves. The secret to lasting change is switching the neuro-associations we have regarding our habits. People will always do whatever it takes to seek pleasure and avoid pain. When we can adjust our mindset consciously to start associating our bad habits with pain and good habits with pleasure, it does not take long for our subconscious to follow suit. Soon our routines change automatically and it is no longer a struggle. Visualizations are a key factor in making this process effective. Find time in your day to visualize yourself in your new body, looking and feeling good, with an abundance of energy and a good attitude. Spend a few minutes a day meditating. Develop a personal mantra for yourself that excites you. When you find yourself in a negative place, utilize these tools. The more you do them, the quicker your subconscious will change and not only will the process become easier but your results will come faster. A good attitude is truly your secret weapon.

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