What Does it Mean to be Truly Healthy?

By: Shana Perkins, HHC

Photo by Liz Hughes

When most people think of being healthy what comes to mind is usually the absence of disease. However, true health is so much more. When you are truly healthy your body is functioning on a higher level and you feel amazing. Your body is a system in which everything is connected, so when we strive to improve any area of our health and body, our entire being is affected.

Generally speaking most people that walk around don’t realize how much better they are meant to feel. Low energy levels, depression, mood swings, weight problems, digestion issues, acne, brain fog  and sleep disorders have become so common that people assume these concerns are a normal part of living instead of messages from your body telling you something is wrong. Unfortunately the status quo in this day and age is to cover up these telling symptoms with prescription medications that cause our body to become more out of balance. We are dealing with a mass health care crisis right now and it is largely a result of how disconnected we are with our bodies.

So the question remains, how do we become truly healthy and reconnect with our body? Listening to what your body is telling you is step 1. Are you suffering from chronic exhaustion and can only get through your day with a steady supply of caffeine? Do you have intense cravings for sugar day after day? Do you become angry, depressed or emotional regularly and at the slightest bit of provocation? Do you wake up tired even after getting a full night’s sleep? These are all tell-tale signs that your body is not in balance.

One of the best ways to truly reconnect with your body is meditation. Meditation helps you learn to quiet your mind and allow yourself the luxury of being in the present moment. The more you meditate the greater the gains will be. Meditation has been linked to stress reduction, decreased muscle tension, improved heart health, and enhanced immunity.

Exercise is another way to reconnect to your body. Practices such as Yoga, weight lifting, running, rebounding, Tai chi, and even walking have a tremendous impact on not only how your body feels but on how you feel about your body. Always keep in mind that anything that benefits the body also benefits the mind, and vice versa. As you add more and more activities that benefit both the body and mind, you will naturally start to see the profound impact that your thoughts, feelings, nutrition, relationships, and surroundings all have.

Once we feel reasonably reconnected with our bodies it is much easier to know what we need. Our needs are constantly changing because our bodies are always evolving. The body you had yesterday is not the body you are going to have tomorrow. Some days you may need more food or rest, and some days your body might be crying out for more physical activity, fresh air, and sunshine. The more in tune with your body you become the easier it will be to know what you need and when.

Remember healthy living is a lifestyle choice. Every day our bodies need to be detoxified, receive nourishment, be physical active, and to relax. The cumulative effect of implementing these important practices day in and day out is how you will become truly healthy.

So what does it mean to be truly healthy? True health means you feel good, your energy levels are high, emotions are stable, and your mind is clear. When you’re healthy you sleep like a baby and have an optimistic attitude. This is not a pipe dream, this is how your body is designed to feel. Once you get a taste of true health and see how much your life improves, you will never want to go back.

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