Tip of the Day

Feeling stressed and sluggish? Move your lymph fluid! We have more lymph fluid in our body than blood but unlike the blood, which has the heart, we don’t have a pump to make sure it gets moving. We store all kinds of waste in our lymph fluid and in order for us to get it ready for excretion we must keep it moving. We do this through exercise, massage, and dry skin brushing. Making time for one or more of these important endeavors will bring you compounded benefits. Exercise and not only will you move your lymph fluid but you produce serotonin and dopamine (two feel good chemicals), as well as achieve a better body composition. Get a massage and you will walk away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and probably not realize how much good you just did for your body. Dry skin brush your body and you will remove dead skin cells, minimize cellulite, and enhance your circulation. Make time every week for each of these important practices and keep your lymph fluid moving! Love your body and it will love you back.

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